480858_10100228700334958_1833446753_nHi there!

I’m Erin, a 20-something woman serving as a provisional United Methodist elder in the Western North Carolina Conference. I was commissioned for ministry in June 2012.

I have a tuxedo cat named Margot and a whippet/lab mix named Olive who also looks like she’s wearing a tuxedo.
I love coffee, writing, tennis, folk music (Avett Bros!), improv comedy, peppermint tea, knitting, and poetry (favorites: Sylvia Plath and Frank O’Hara).
I am considered highly introverted and also highly extroverted on all psychological tests. No one understands this, least of all me!

I have a particular interest in interactive, progressive, alternative, emerging worship.
I think the name of the game is love in all cases. ALL cases.
I want to help people live more fully by helping them love more fully– themselves, God, others, and God’s great creation.
I think perfectionism is of the devil and that we should all come to work with pizza smears on our faces and dog poop on our shoes because that’s honesty. And accepting people’s pizza smears and dog poop is love. And love is Christ.

Thanks for stopping by!

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